How does Pantry Work

Leave Your List At Home

Pantry is a new kind of curated shopping experience. Come into our beautiful store and easily grab everything you need to make a complete meal at home. Expertly paired wines and beers are also available. We give you exactly the amount you need. No more wasting time, food, or money.

Cook Globally, Shop Locally

Our recipes are curated by passionate food professionals who take inspiration from all over the world. We are constantly working with our vendors to source the freshest produce and most sustainable meats, bringing the highlights of each season from our test kitchen to your table.


Each meal comes with a detailed recipe card and instructions which can be prepared using basic kitchen tools in 20-45 minutes. All of our recipes are accessible to the novice, but fun for the experienced cook. Let us help you find the joy in cooking!

A new kind of grocery experience

Our mission is to help our customers put the joy back into cooking by taking the hassle out of planning and shopping. Choose from one of our chef-designed recipes, and take home exactly what you need to prepare them for as many people as you’d like. There is no waste, because you buy exactly the amount you need. We provide detailed and simple step-by-step instructions with beautiful photography available online. No need to go to multiple stores, or even multiple aisles. Everything is in one spot, including sommelier paired wines, so shopping is done in 15 minutes.

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Our recipes change on a weekly basis...Check back often